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                                        Welcome to Indy House Church
An evangelical non-denominational Christ-centered house church in Indianapolis, Indiana

seeking  the deeper realities of true Christian experience in life with Christ Jesus


But to this man will I look, even to him that is humble and of a contrite spirit, and trembles at my word. Is. 66:2
Indy House Church is a small group of believers from different areas of Indianapolis who desire to be serious about the Christian life and what Scripture tells us about who and what the church is.

We presently meet in a house, primarily for the sake of convenience and necessity. But there's more too; please read on to discover more about WHY WE ARE A HOUSE CHURCH.



ONE, folks hungry to find a truly Christ-centered church in Indianapolis: men and women eagerly searching to discover the riches and glory of true Christianity but are tired of the weak and superficial Christianity that plagues most churches today... 

if you've grown weary of going to church only to hear empty, trivial sermonettes that have no spiritual depth and offer nothing to really feed and satisfy the deep yearnings of a spiritually starving soul - if you really long to see spiritual victory, growth and real progress in your life - and if you really want to learn and grow in the knowledge of Christ Jesus and His spiritual kingdom - you're most welcome to join us.

TWO, those who
feel empty on the inside and want more to life than a depressing, defeated and discouraged existence with no real sense of purpose.
If you have a desire within you to find God, to fill the empty void in your heart, you are most welcome here. We want to show you true beauty of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

So which one of these kinds of people are you?

Indy House Church is simply a start-up effort to reach others in our neighborhood and local Indianapolis area, seeking to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, sharing the love of Christ to any and all - to obey our Lord's command to "love your neighbor as yourself".

We choose, for now, to meet in a house rather than in a traditional church building. WHY? We sincerely want to explore and grow with others in God's love and grace, learning to live a fuller, more joyful, more satisfying and Christ-centered life -  free from the performance-based legalism that plagues so many evangelical churches - and far from the nominal shallowness of the typical modern church.

Listen to our latest study of God's Word!

coming March 22:

continuing our study of
 the church

beginning a
study in Song of Solomon

"In Love With Jesus Christ

Song of Solomon 1:1-4

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"By His Stripes We Are Healed"
Beautiful Scripture music
by Esther Mui

from Isaiah 53:3-7


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Why we are
very different than most
 house churches in


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Why we are
a house church

We do that in part, by sharing together in the serious, thoughtful and substantive study of God's Word.... by learning more about our wonderful Savior and how He would have us to live in the liberty of His wonderful free grace to be who we really are in him - with all our past behind us, with all our sins fully and completely forgiven.......and by encouraging one another to serve one another in love, as Christ has given us ability - without the unbiblical, humanistic and legalistic mandates that pervade most churches today.

And we seek to do these things not just on Sunday, but every day of the week - and opening our hearts to those who yet walk in darkness, not yet knowing the wonderful light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Indy House Church is born of hearts hungry for truth, eager for real fellowship with like minded people, tired of so many depth-less, cosmetic churches that abound in Indianapolis. Are you one of those like-minded people? Do you want to play a part in making this effort a fruitful reality? FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US

Too many of God's people are starving for true spiritual bread, true spiritual meat and true spiritual life. LISTEN TO OUR AUDIO HERE And too many of our neighbors remain lost and without the hope of new life in Jesus Christ.

We are not a part of any denomination. That is to say, we are a non-denominational church. But we do hold to a biblical standard of truth and doctrine: see WHAT WE BELIEVE.

Indy House Church doesn't want to be just another one of the many churches in Indianapolis where the masses go to be entertained for an hour every Sunday but have no abiding spiritual life the rest of the week. Nor do we want to be like other house churches where little emphasis is placed on true Biblical teaching and study.

We want to be real. We want a real life.

We want to be truly effective in the kingdom of God.

Do you?


Indy House Church meets every Sunday morning in a house on the East side of Indianapolis

near I70 and Post Road.

Please feel free to CONTACT US for meeting and address information!